17 09 2008

I got my hands on some AMAZING vintage frames last night, I have a Schwinn that was made in Chicago around 1970, it has the Chicago emblem on the front, I think they went to Japan around ’74 or ’76.  I also got a smaller Univega from the early 70’s, both of these have paint that looks close to new.  They are for sale, in fact they ALL are for sale. The bidding starts at $120 😉 Most of them will get stripped down and made into custom’s, but i don’t have the heart to touch the Univega or Schwinn in the front. I even got 3 BIG frames, in the 63 to 65 range….classics.

(also, I know all the problems with this blog, we will will have it looking proper in no time, fixiefreaks’s, bad photos, yeah we know)




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25 09 2008

hey my name is andrew i i really want to get a fixie and i just want you to quote me a price for one ?

29 11 2008

So who needs VINTAGE?
The “CHAIN GANG” of Citizen Chain Bicycles in North Beach (SF) is just about to move into it’s new larger digs as of Jan, 1. 09. And Boys and Girls we will finally bring out the NOS Steel that NO ONE has seen.

Of course when you get emails from guys like Brian Baylis titled “You have my Rosebud” (a 1971 Masi Track bike) we come to understand it is time for us to let our vintage stuff out of temporal storage .

ALL THE CHANGES BEGIN 1/1/09 Watch our site.

30 11 2008

andrew whoo?last name?

3 12 2008

send me an email to for a quote, right now I have a lot of frames, you should go to the swap meet this saturday.

21 01 2010
mr egg

hey i’m a big guy 6foot3 live in sydney australia looking to build a wicked fixie with a vitage frame, your site is awesome, i’m trying to track down a 60inch vitage frame thought you might have something, saw something about some nice 70’s frames with nice badges i’m interested what have you guys got lying around

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