24 04 2009

This is the obvious next step in fixed gear.  Count me in for hammering on a dirt road and laying some 50 ft skids down, maybe even hitting a few jumps.  These guys have some great products. AMARO





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28 04 2009

I’m still trying to figure out why anyone would ever want to ride a fixed gear outside of a velodrome. As a professional cyclist it makes no sense to me. I have one for cadence drills and track workout to keep my speed and form solid. Aside from that, it’s the last bike i want to be riding. Does anyone else think it looks ridicules to strip components off a 10 speed and try to make it look like a track bike with a towel rack for handlebars? Am i missing something? I will pay to see some doghnut hit a jump with a fixed gear on nobbies. Please tell me when and where?

1 05 2009

First off I am an avid roadie and fixie rider, I have a 08 full Campy Record Wilier, I ride about 200 + miles a week. The bottom line is fixed gear/ single speed bikes are fun and fairly inexpensive compared to good road bikes. Less parts to fix or maintain, I can’t ride my Wilier around town to run errands, as I wouldn’t ride a group road ride on a fixie. I agree there are certain track bikes that should never touch the street, they are delicate works of art and should be for velodrome only. Track bikes are the most pure form of cycling and will give you a proper pedal stroke. A good fixie rider has better bike handling skills than most CAT 4 and 5 roadies. The way I see it, if people are riding bikes, no matter what type, it’s a good thing. I don’t discriminate, I’m not your typical roadie, but nothing is more satisfying than dropping a guy on a 10K Cervelo TT bike…and I don’t think the dirtjumps are far away, stay tuned….I don’t understand why anyone would want to run, it’s beyond me, so I know how you feel 😉
thanks William and keep hammering!!!!!!!

10 05 2009

Hear hear

20 05 2009

“A good fixie rider has better bike handling skills than most CAT 4 and 5 roadies.”… I wouldn’t consider burnout 180’s a valuable bike handeling skill. It’s very apparent you have never ridden in a crit race before with a CAT 4/5 rider. Most guys i know at that this that level would never want to race with that big of a liability. It’s like comparing a NASCAR Driver to the kid who puts 5 grand into has 1998 Civic Hatchback and races his friends between intersections.

Keep riding:)

28 05 2009

I agree cat 4/5 crits suck, they’re either too early in the day, or too late and are like playing dodge cars on the freeway, so to say, yes I have, there are a lot around here, more than RR…..I belong on the track

You keep riding too bud!!

Steer clear of the 180’s 😉 and you keep riding too

11 05 2009
O. Reilly?

It’s funny how everyone sites the number of miles they ride, real or imagined, as testament to their credibility. Yes I guess fixies are fun at least based on the amount of people riding them, but less to maintain? I go on group rides all over Los Angeles with a mixture of all bikes. Even total crap bikes. Guess which I see the most flipped over for adjustments? Yeap, the fixies. They need adjustments so often that most carry their own wrench. So please spare me the “it needs less maintenance” argument. And since when is a form of racing that is devoid of any obstacles of our everyday lives a “most pure form of cycling”? The more obstacles and the more resembles our everyday world, the more it resembles a purer form of racing. Take World Rally Racing for example, or The Tour De France if you like. A fixie rider has better bike handling skills than a CAT 4 or 5 roadie and I guess assumed a lesser rider too? Oh really? And what skills does this fixie rider possess that us mere mortals don’t? An ability to roll backwards? Sorry, I don’t have a desire to posse that ability. But I would like a keen ability to get through the city in the most efficient manor as possible! I seriously doubt a fixie rider posses this, since they have trouble approaching intersection with a red light or to go downhills with speed. You do finally make points with me in regards to you not discriminating and what not. Yeah I don’t discriminate either. It’s just when some people make the claim that fixies are the greatest thing to hit the streets since the Big Wheel, I get a bit uppity.

Finally in regards to fixies hitting the dirt? Baaahahahahhahahahaa I can’t wait to see this one!

12 05 2009

You ride a Big Wheel?? that is f@#ing awesome! JK

don’t get so uppity bud, let the kids have fun, and give a wave on the road!

thanks for checking the blog and giving us your opinion. Not all Roadies are like this guys!! I ride with quite a few (and millions of miles! hahah) guys that are down with fixies and the culture that surrounds it. Fixed gear is like skateboarding (culture), if you don’t street skate you don’t get it, period. That’s why Nike hired $$$$$$ a guy to go find out what this “street skateboarding” thing is all about, and they did, and they are now conquering skateboarding. If you don’t get fixed gear you probably never will. How long till Nike starts to make special edition saddles, SB Blazers with clips and straps??? and maybe tires?? probably not long

did you see the new Lance X Nike Air max??? dope.

13 05 2009

I’m all for people riding bikes whatever form it may be. The more people out there pushin peddals the better as long as I don’t get T-boned by any groms who havent figured out how to stop their 62 cm “Fixi” with rat traps…

1 07 2009

I put cyclocross tires on my fixie and went off road just for the helluva it; very challenging and a total blast. So…fixies hittin’ the dirt? Been there done that! And I’m not the only one…

22 01 2010
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