13 12 2009

I came across thes on Hypebeast, pretty dope…Van’s HI Tops are my all time fav.

I’ll be catching up on the posts more often, come in the shop and get a good deal on a bike for christmas, or just stop in and say what up if you’re in Newport Beach, CA.



9 10 2009

Taylor Phinney is a savage, this young man is just flat out fast, he’s a track slayer, and will race the Tour someday, i asked him when he would go pro tour steez and he said a couple more years, no rush…just enjoying the ride! The only camera I had on me was my faithful BalckBerry….he took a few events last weekend at the Home Depot Ctr Nationals and he owns a world title for something, the Kilo maybe??….I dunno, all I know is Lance took him from Garmin’s U23 squad (from what I know, sorry Taylor I don’t know specifics), he now rides with and is the head powerhouse at the Trek Livestrong camp. I hit him up on FB and i’m sending him some fresh TLFI duds, he was a super cool guy….Keep slaying em Taylor!



6 08 2009

okay so this is simple enough, dog rides a bike, sick.


13 06 2009

My shit got ripped off right out of the shop….when I was in the back office! Next person I catch stealing from me may never walk again much less ride a bike, this is MY personal ride so to say the least this is personal, these parts are VERY obvious, I’ll hook up a FREE “Pake” frameset or deep V wheelset for the person that finds my bike, or at least the front wheels, stem and seat….I’d be alright with that, bring it, who’s got the balls to step up?

shitty cell phone pic, it had a flat black Vuelta 3″ deep V on the back with a yellow tire….

Just show me where the bike is, or address and you are hooked up, no names dropped.