13 06 2009

My shit got ripped off right out of the shop….when I was in the back office! Next person I catch stealing from me may never walk again much less ride a bike, this is MY personal ride so to say the least this is personal, these parts are VERY obvious, I’ll hook up a FREE “Pake” frameset or deep V wheelset for the person that finds my bike, or at least the front wheels, stem and seat….I’d be alright with that, bring it, who’s got the balls to step up?

shitty cell phone pic, it had a flat black Vuelta 3″ deep V on the back with a yellow tire….

Just show me where the bike is, or address and you are hooked up, no names dropped.




4 10 2008

I’ve only been riding legit road bikes for about 2 to 3 months now.  The longest ride I had taken was 55 miles, and I thought I was still a long way from a century (100 miles), till my good buddy Danny called me up on a Wednesday and said “hey man, were gonna do a century on Saturday, we going from Palos Verdes to Ventura and back on PCH, are you in or what?” my first reaction was “yeaaaah right!” then I thought to myself F#%K IT!!! LETS DO THIS!!! so I did it and here’s the proof. We left at 7am with my friends Danny, Dan and this new guy I haven’t rode with yet Todd, with a $10K+ Time/carbon /Campy Record, bike; this bike was like a Ferrari and he had the speed to back it, I think he finished about 2 hours before us. Nonetheless the ride was AMAZING, you see stuff you would never see in your car, I cant wait to do it again, and faster. I feel like I can call my self a real cyclist now, I’ve since then moved up to this new carbon Jamis frame, it’s stiff, responsive and FAST! The bike I did the Century on was aluminum with carbon forks, it’s for sale on craigslist right now. this bike still needs upgrades though, but it’s getting there. What’s next?? maybe a Century on a fixie???? hmmmmmm… never know. Maybe on a Velodrome, hahhaaaa