German Tricksters, Olympics??

21 08 2009

this is some of the gnarliest fixed tricks i’ve seen, how about you? anyone got anything on this??????



6 08 2009

okay so this is simple enough, dog rides a bike, sick.


13 06 2009

My shit got ripped off right out of the shop….when I was in the back office! Next person I catch stealing from me may never walk again much less ride a bike, this is MY personal ride so to say the least this is personal, these parts are VERY obvious, I’ll hook up a FREE “Pake” frameset or deep V wheelset for the person that finds my bike, or at least the front wheels, stem and seat….I’d be alright with that, bring it, who’s got the balls to step up?

shitty cell phone pic, it had a flat black Vuelta 3″ deep V on the back with a yellow tire….

Just show me where the bike is, or address and you are hooked up, no names dropped.


“It’s your ride” video by Hutchinson

23 02 2009

Let’s face it, cool chicks dig dudes that ride bikes, we’re all in shape, we all have some kind of dope steez, and some of us even wear spandex when off the fixie (yeah getting chicks in spandex is a tough one; i’ve heard) so enjoy this video while I get some photos loaded from the LA Velodrome and the Tour of CA @ Pasadena last weekend. I plan on getting some real track action very soon, I heard top speed on the track was 70+!!! WTF??! Let me tell you one thing, if you hate on roadies, just go to a pro race and witness those dudes (including Lance) ride 40+ on the flats, shit is NUTS….

enjoy, sun is coming, go ride your bike….

video originated from


29 09 2008

This is an instant classic video of the MASH SF guys and Lance Armstrong flexing some skill on the streets of Austin……………. Enjoy 🙂