10 07 2010

My good, beautiful friend, Hannah is in marketing over @ Fyasko, I’ve been watching these guys for quite sometime, they are local boys and i’ve seen their goods around for a long time, my old clothing line was in a similar category, anyway, check the new bike inspired goods just in time for the Tour De France from Fyasko, I know it’s been a long time since I have put up a new post, but i’ll be back on it with some updates, this blog will concentrate more on the current times of cycling as a whole and the lifestyle that goes with it. Just like you tend to evolve as a cyclist we will evolve as a lifestyle cycling (and of course plenty of fixed gear) blog, remember, if you are riding a bike, you are free and there is no other feeling like it, flying 30+ mph past cars, down a hill or just on the flats, nothing compares….now go get a Fyasko tee.



20 12 2009

Found a couple cycling tees from a clothing line called Cutaway Clothing, pretty cool to see some legit cycling inspired tees, the Love Park looking tees caught my eye, having been a skateboarder for many years I can appreciate me some Love Park, if you were ever into skating you would know what I mean….cool mix. As a kid, when I if wasn’t on my BMX bike I was on my skateboard. It’s cool to see some roadies like creator Ted King with some style…..on top of making some clothing, riding a Cervelo for a living isn’t a bad job.


15 12 2009

yep, we got Oakley coming in this week, i’m hyped, Frogskins are a really good possibility, but for now we get everything else, check em, i’ll rock the jawbone on the centuries and the Jupiter when i’m on the stroll or the skids….Whoa! check the custom PISTA colorway! hahahaa jk


14 12 2009

no….not really, but of course NIKE had to drop some carbon Blazers found @ STANDRDATL


14 12 2009

for your viewing pleasure…


14 12 2009

Dope new bags from Timbuk2 coming to PISTA this week. they have been making messenger bags in San Fransisco since 1989, check them out, come in and get one, they’ve got some good stuff, I remember they did a pretty cool collab with Benny Gold a while back.


13 12 2009

this seems like a must have…..

made by these dudes